80 year old Jan:  Janie, it was so wonderful to connect with my parents and grand parents after all these years!  I am so grateful for your talents- Thank you.

57 year old Trina:  So cool when you started talking about recipes and saffron being part of my lineage- it was great to learn that part of my history.

  Curious to see a
reading in progress?

52 year old female energy healer:  I have to say that in all the years I have been

doing Chakra work, I have never had such an in depth experience with my own

chakras! I recommend your Chakra work sessions highly to other healers needing a tune up!! 

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58 year old male:  This was a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!  I was relieved of my pain and guilt instantly and felt a personal shift while our reading was going on.  Janie, you are truly amazing. Thank you for changing my life!

Sheila O'Donnell: YES!! Janie is the MOST ACCURATE MEDIUM I have ever met! She makes John Edwards look like child's play! She channeled how my sister died which was a mystery and proceeded to give every detail on her death (and many on her life) with complete accuracy! I felt like my sister was right there from everything Janie described... It was HER! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt! Thank you Janie for your beautiful reading which brought so much peace to my heart!

68 year old Paulomi:  Janie- you are such a life saver!  You told us exactly what was wrong with my daughter that the doctors did not see.  We can't thank you enough for helping us save her- she is doing GREAT now!

55 year old Deni:  You told me things about my growing up that you could never have known! Even my dad's nickname for me when I was 5!! That was 2 hours I will NEVER forget!

25 year old Rachel:  I don't know how you knew about my vacation in Spain but you were so dead on!  Right down to describing the color of the sky that night 15 years ago and the exact words my man said to me!  Amazing Amazing Amazing!

44 year old Mike:  I followed your advice and took the new job- got promoted twice already, just like you said, and could not be happier!  Thanks for the nudge I needed!

​​Janie Boisclair Clairvoyant 

46 year old Rob "I couldn't believe you brought up my grandfather's pizza restaurant and what he used to put on my favorite slice!  I always wondered what he did to make it taste so good and now I can make it the same way!" 

Check out this day spent with Great Day Tampa Bay, Channel 10 Hosts, Weather Gal, Investigative Reporter!  

24 year old Alex:  It feels good not to be angry anymore now that I understand better why my dad left us.  I needed our talk - in fact it was exactly what my Life needed!

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