Chakras are energy sources in the human body that we cannot see or touch. There are seven main Chakras within the body that are thought to be wheels of physical, spiritual, and emotional energy.

Chakras are located in the same place for both men and woman—straight down the center of the body, starting at the base of our spine and going to the very top of our head.  If you were to turn the body sideways, they are in the center of your body.  

Each Chakra is associated with an energy center in the body that corresponds with certain organs and body systems as well as emotional, psychological, and spiritual states of being.   

Feeding our Chakras to keep them aligned and fluid promotes optimal energy, health, and balance in our ever-changing lives. 

How to supply your energy system with great fuel

What is a Chakra?!


Did You Know?  Every physical condition can be mapped to certain emotions through specific Chakras. When our Chakras are open and balanced, energy is able to flow freely and evenly throughout our bodies. Our emotions are the key to opening and closing our Chakras. When we have a persistent negative thought pattern, the Chakra corresponding with that particular emotion may become blocked. If unattended to, a blocked or closed Chakra can create disorder in the physical body by reducing energy flow and balance in the organs and glands associated with the Chakra.

One blocked or simply under active Chakra can affect the neighboring Chakras and create a chain-reaction that may eventually affect the entire energy body as a whole. In such cases, one often feels extremely depressed and in extreme cases, suicidal. Working to open energy flow and balance one’s Chakra can help to alleviate depression and promote stability in the mind and body.

Opening up the flow of energy into a Chakra is simple! There are multiple ways in which you can effectively achieve an open and balanced energy system. My favorite is to feed my Chakras.  

(Information provided by Janie Boisclair & Violet Hues)

Feed Your Chakras!


​​​Janie Boisclair is the Clairvoyant Gourmet 

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Greens, greens are good for your heart!

Each Chakra corresponds with certain organs and body systems. There are simple guidelines one can follow to promote premium health through a balanced energy system.
Want to boost your immune system and metabolism at the same time? Feed your Sacral Chakra!


                           Chakras & Food
Feeding our Chakras forms a partnership between our body's energy system and our brain's ability to stay grounded and connected to life. Just as each Chakra corresponds with certain organs and nerves, certain food groups work to open and align each Chakra.  As we know, when our energy centers are open

and aligned, we optimize our ability to stay grounded, connected, and balanced.

Cooking to feed my Chakras has become a delightful way to take advantage of my body, mind and spirit’s highest abilities. Feeding my Chakras allows me to receive messages from my spirit guides with more clarity by maintaining a balanced energy system and opening my spiritual channels.

You too can feed your Chakras to promote more balance in your emotions, more stability in your health, and more connectivity in your life.