Clairgustance: (Clear Taste) An inner tasting.  The

ability to taste a flavor without actually putting anything

into your mouth.

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Clairvoyant: (Clear Vision) A clairvoyant is one who receives extrasensory impressions, and symbols in the form of mental images without the aid of the physical eyes. 

Clairaudience: (Clear Audio or Hearing)  To perceive sounds or words and extrasensory noise, from spiritual or ethereal realm, which are perceived without the aid of the physical ear.

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Below are dictionary definitions to help you understand Janie's 5C Clairvoyant Abilities!

Janie Boisclair is a Life Changer!

For many years, Janie has helped heal hearts and empower 

people through her spiritual guidance.  Janie's love of helping others reach

their spiritual potential and create a better life is what fuels her work! 

Clairsentience: (Clear Sensations and Feelings)  the ability to perceive information by a "feeling" within the whole body using your intuitive senses. 

Clairscent: (Clear Smelling) – To smell a fragrance/odor of substance or food which is not in one's surroundings. These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose.

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     Janie is a rare 5C Clairvoyant Healer, meaning that all five of her senses- sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell- are "clear" (Clair) channels to the spirit world. She assists clients by communicating with their loved ones passed, connecting with their angels and receiving messages from their Spiritual Guides through her 5 sense abilities.  She has had the pleasure of gifting people with the beautiful journey of enlightenment through one-on-one coaching sessions, teaching individuals how to build a connection with their intuitive selves.  

     Janie's work also includes assisting Police Departments with open cases as well as providing life coaching sessions with those on parole. She also works with realtors and business owners in clearing negative energies and ghosts from homes and businesses.  Additionally, Janie works with CEO's providing guidance in decisions for their company as well as working with the entertainment industry assisting in casting, locations and financing decisions.

How did she get the name "Life Changer"? 

It came about after repeatedly hearing "You Changed My Life!" from her clients!