Readings are available in Person, Facetime, Skype, Zoom, What's Ap, Messenger, etc                           One Hour              $230 

                       30 Minutes           $115 

                       15 Minutes           $ 60

Please call or text to book your appointment.   941-780-2538

Monthly Counseling Arrangements also available on a case by case basis


For Booking Arrangements please call or text Janie at 941-780-2538


Reading/Life Coach by Facetime/Skype/Messenger/Phone, 

1 Hr Reading/Life Coach in person, 

2 Hr Chakra System Clearing, 

1 Hr Home or Business Clearing, 

2 Hr. Clairvoyant Gourmet Classes, 

1 Hr CEO Business Coaching/Reading

3 Hr Group Reading up to 10

1 Hr Speakers Coaching

Book "I'm Living with Angels" 
Book "Feed Your Chakras - Shape Your Life" *pre-order now