December 14, 2016 San Diego Live, Channel 6 with Host Clint August as we channel a recipe from his grandmother.  This is the actual personal reading spoken about but not aired on the show.

November 24, 2016 Coast to Coast Radio Interview with George Noory as callers get their own personal reading through George's discovery of how do you get recipes from the other side???!!!

One of my favorite interviews was  interviewing over 100 Country Stars honoring the life of George Jones!  While I was there, the deceased George Jones came through to speak with his family and various stars! Read the details in my new Book! "I'm Living With Angels"

5CClairvoyant Group Reading Sample Video


The Clairvoyant Gourmet Sample Readings Video

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February 14, 2017 Janie Connects newly released inmate to his victim after 44 years of prison along with many beautiful healing connections

​​Janie Boisclair Clairvoyant

Check out some of my favorite videos! - Now that I have finished my world tour, I have 6 New Videos coming soon!

       Spirit inspired me to ask famous people

                 "What Makes You Happy?!"

The answers were surprising and enlightening!


More Fun with Janie and her spirit connections!

Oct 17, 2016 Power Talk with Jean Adrienne & Janie Boisclair with live call-in

readings connecting others to their relatives through food.

Oct 6, 2016 Self Discovery Radio Interview with host Sara Troy & Janie Boisclair as they talk about connecting with your loved ones passed through old recipes!