CEO/Corporate/Entrepreneur Sessions allow Janie to connect with your spiritual guides to give insight and direction on decisions involving: business strategies, employees, launching directions, etc.  Janie also provides negative energy clearings of business locations, employees, business partners and outside contractors.  Align the entire team for the best success opportunities for your business!  With over 20 years of Fortune 500 product marketing experience, Janie also offers mentoring and CEO/Executive Webinars. 

Opt 1 - Purchase Book Download  $19.95

Opt 2- Purchase Hard Copy              $29.95

Guest Speaker, Seminars, Book Signing

Excerpt:  It was amazing to see his facial color change when I connected him to his now deceased brother.  Giving him the ability to know that his brother has forgiven him for all the terrible things he had done to hurt him while he was alive.

What Types of Guidance Can You Receive?

Using all 5       senses to connect to your guides!

Individual / Group Readings/ Private Parties in Person or by Phone/Skype/Facetime 

Please allow up to 4 weeks delivery as books are currently being printed - Gift Certificates are available.

How Can you Improve Your Business?

Janie hosts live group-audience readings while giving strong worldly guidance.  She often channels Arch Angel Michael and Mother Mary  as well as many influential world leaders.  Her motivational and upbeat attitude, comedic story-telling and sincere messages from those who have crossed over has audiences feeling engaged, moved and enlightened!

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Spiritual Business Coaching in Person or by Phone/Skype/Facetime 

Opt 1- 3 hrs $450 Clairvoyant Gourmet

(up to 5 guests)

Opt 2- 1 hr   $150 Food Energy Coaching

Janie connects with loved ones passed or spirit guides and will often see full color photographs of locations, personal treasures, faces and full bodies of those she connects with on the other side.  She can smell things they would like to remind you of, like foods or flowers. She can often sense specific illnesses that may have caused their passing and provides clients with clear messages intended directly for them.

Most Mediums work with 1 or 2 senses. however,  Janie's super senses bring her messages through all 5 senses.  She also works with crystals, Indian astrology and numerology energy tools.      

46 year old Rob "I couldn't believe you brought up my grandfather's pizza restaurant and what he used to put on my favorite slice!  I always wondered what he did to make it taste so good and now I can make it the same way!" 

Video Example of Kitchen Readings

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Is there a loved one who has passed   that you want to reconnect with?                                  Are you looking for                                guidance from your                              Angels or Spiritual                                Guides on love, work           or family? 

                   Allow Me to Help

Schedule Janie for a book signing at your location!

      Author of  "I'm Living with Angels"

Opt 1 -  1 hour  $150 Skype or phone

Opt 2  - 1 hour  $200 in person

Opt 3  - 2 hours $200 Chakra Clearing

Book A Cooking Party!

Opt 1 - 1 hour $150 Business Clearing(-50 miles)

Opt 2 - 1 hour $200 CEO Business Coaching/Reading

Opt 3 - 3 hour $1000 10 Employee Energy Clearing

"Our employees really enjoyed your show.  They all felt their own personal transformations happen.  

The evening has really raised the moralle between them all but has returned a new work energy on the job.  

Great job! " Dave G., Pres.   

Video Example of Group Reading

52 year old female energy healer: "I have to say that in all the years I have been doing

Chakra work, I have never had such an in depth experience with my own Chakras!" 

The Clairvoyant Gourmet

Her new book "I'm living with Angels" consists of the accountings of actual readings and the lessons learned by speaking through Angels.  The book is a diary of some of the most amazing readings Janie has had the privilege of conducting over the years- from children connecting with passed parents, to assisting Police Departments in open cases, to getting a pie recipe from Great Grandma!  Real life examples of spirits' loving guidance along with the humorous reactions of our loved ones still on earth await you in this wonderful book!

​​Energize Your Next Event!

55 year old Art "You totally nailed the issues I was having with my board members and​ following your guidance we are now all on the same page again and prospering"

What type of reading would you like?

Food is the ultimate connector for humans and spirits alike.  Janie uses her 5C abilities to connect with loved ones passed and spiritual guides to evoke meal-time memories, uncover lost recipes, and even offer guidance on Chakra-clearing foods.

Janie will come to your home and teach you to feed your Chakras the gourmet way, as well connect you with loved ones or spirit guides through the magic of food.