Janie is a brilliant connector to the spirit world bringing your loved ones and guides to you from the other side.  Book a session and get clarity on what is happening in your life and how to improve your future plan as well as reconnect with your loved ones who have crossed over.  1 hour sessions are available by phone or Skype at the rate of $150 per hr.

What is a 5C Clairvoyant?

Level 1 is in 2 parts:  Feb 13 & 15 7-9  $95

​Janie shares her foodie secrets from the spirit world on how to promote physical, spiritual, and emotional stability by feeding/balancing your Chakras through the magic of food. 

Janie Boisclair brings history back to life by channeling old kitchen recipes!

Whether you’re looking for a long-lost family recipe or the secret ingredient for Grandma’s famous apple pie, Janie’s psychic readings will connect you to those passed loved ones who hold the answer.

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About the Clairvoyant Gourmet

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Connecting You with your Ancestors through Food! 

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Connecting with your Chakras

Clairvoyantly joining you with family through the love of cooking!

Feed Your Chakras - Shape Your Life!

“My aunt appeared in a reading with Janie and told me to make sure I used bourbon if I wanted to replicate my Grandfather’s famous barbeque sauce.”   Johnathan D

"I couldn't believe you brought up my grandfather's pizza restaurant and what he used to put on my favorite slice!  I always wondered what he did to make it taste so good and now I can make it the same way!" Rob R

"When you told me what I was missing from the old family pie recipe was pudding, my sister and I were able to duplicate the family recipe and it tasted exactly how we remembered it!"   Evelyn S

    Food is the ultimate connector for humans and spirits alike, it seems. Families and friends bond when they break bread together, and traditional family recipes connect us with our roots. The spirit world uses food to connect, as well. For years, readings I’ve given as a 5C Clairvoyant have had some type of food element.  Relatives show up with a food story or recipe, and give me the taste or smell of something specific in order to remind their loved one of a certain memory.  For instance, when an overwhelming taste and smell of lemon pervaded the room as the image of an elderly woman appeared to me, it was my client’s deceased grandmother trying to remind her of all the times they had made lemon meringue pie together.    

    Sometimes the food connection simply serves as evidence to prove that Grandma really is there, sometimes it is meant to evoke a particular memory that needs to be revisited for therapeutic reasons, and sometimes we can even recover a long-lost family recipe, if the spirit is willing to share!
    The energy of the food we eat is also directly connected to our overall health.  More specifically, the energies of certain foods help to support the energy centers in the body we call Chakras. By giving me a taste or smell of certain foods, my clients’ angel friends show me what foods their loved one should be eating to help clear their Chakras, support their good health and even lose weight!

    One thing I have learned in all the years that I have been connecting with spirits is that our angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones want to connect and have fun with us.  What better place to do that but in the kitchen, the most popular room in the house!

​​​​Janie Boisclair is the Clairvoyant Gourmet

Level 2 is in 2 parts:  March 15 & 22 7-9  $95

Want to connect on a non-food level?

The best way to describe this level of clairvoyance is to say that all her senses are always on 10+ which allows Janie to not only taste the foods she is channeling from the other side but to smell it as well!  With the vision to see the person speaking to her, feel their personal energy and hear their words clearly, all the senses come through in high voltage!